Originals Away 2018 Belgium adidas Black Football 2019 Shorts gqdaSwxI Originals Away 2018 Belgium adidas Black Football 2019 Shorts gqdaSwxI

Originals Away 2018 Belgium adidas Black Football 2019 Shorts gqdaSwxI

When something happens from time to time on an irregular basis, we say it is an occasionalVFL 2018 Nike Away White Shirt 2019 Football Wolfsburg fHqqxSpEw occurrence. For example, you might have an occasional lunch with a friend. If your friend ever picked up the bill, maybe it would happen more often.

Occasional is a few steps removed from the Latin cadere, "to fall." So you might think of something occasional as something that happens "to fall" just whenever it happens to fall. Speaking of falling, Voltaire once wrote, "The best government is a benevolent tyranny tempered by an occasional assassination." An occasional election might do in a pinch.

Definitions of occasional

adj occurring from time to time

“an occasional worker”
casualBlack DASTARI Wesc DASTARI DASTARI Wesc DASTARI Wesc Wesc Black Black Wesc Black DASTARI Black Wesc Wwwq8HT1fE
contrary to rule or accepted order or general practice

adj occurring from time to time

“took an occasional glass of wine”
not frequent; not occurring regularly or at short intervals

adj occurring or appearing at usually irregular intervals

occasional headaches”
not capable of being foretold

adj recurring or reappearing from time to time

recurring in scattered and irregular or unpredictable instances

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